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Avoid These Common Tiling Mistakes

Common tiling mistakes, such as incorrectly spreading the grout, can lead to damaged tiles and an irregular tiled surface. Whether the tiles are made of marble, porcelain, or glass, they should be installed in the correct way. Let’s look at some common tiling mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Hiring a Qualified Installer

One of the most common tiling mistakes occurs when homeowners do not hire a tile installer. Many homeowners believe that do-it-yourself tiling projects are easy, but they soon find out that the process requires knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. When homeowners do not hire an installer from their tile store, they risk loose and broken tiles, incorrect grouting, and choosing the wrong adhesive. In addition to these tiling issues, homeowners may not achieve the desired look on their backsplash or tile flooring. Only a qualified tile installer can guarantee a well-laid tile project.

Mistake #2: Not Spreading the Grout

Spreading grout is a task for an experienced installer. If grout is not spread evenly, then there is a risk of excess grout or uneven tiles. If the grout is spread before all of the tiles are laid, then the grout will dry unevenly and result in an irregular tiled surface. Grout should be spread with the right tools and in an even technique that addresses the entire tiled surface.

Mistake #3: Not Preparing the Surface

It is crucial that the intended surface be properly prepared before installing any type of tile. If the surface is not completely cleaned of debris, oil, and old adhesive, then the new backsplash or floor tiles may not adhere correctly to the surface. When tiles cannot adhere to the surface, then homeowners risk loose tiles and future complications from moisture intrusion. The surface should be cleaned and scraped free of any debris.

Come down to Tile Fantastic’s tile store in Palo Alto to speak with one of our qualified tile designers. We help homeowners choose the right materials, like porcelain tile or marble, and offer helpful suggestions on correct tiling methods. Please call us at (408) 371-6247 to schedule an appointment.

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