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Coordinating Your Home's Color Palette

Whether you are renovating your current house or building a new home from the ground up, you will want to choose a cohesive color palette that will help to tie your various spaces together. By purchasing beautiful porcelain tile products, it will be possible for you to incorporate functional and decorative accents that are fully in line with your interior design colors. Let’s review some essential tips that will help you to coordinate your home’s color palette.

Choose Dominant and Secondary Colors

Typically, a home’s color palette will contain three shades that are repeated throughout the space. To prevent your colors from getting too bold or overwhelming, stick with two dominant colors and one secondary color that will serve as an accent. Your dominant colors can be placed on your walls or countertops, and you can incorporate your secondary color in your tile work or other design features.

Look at Floors and Counters for Inspiration

Choosing a beautiful color palette is especially important in your kitchen, where you may have several different design elements that are vying for attention. To maintain your color palette throughout your space, you can choose colors that are picked up in your countertop materials or new flooring.

Use Beautiful Neutrals

Many homeowners love neutral color palettes because they are very easy to mix and match. When you decorate your home using shades of beige, white, or gray, you can rest assured that all of your colors coordinate perfectly. Neutral colors are also found in many tile products, including bright, white subway tile.

The design team at Tile Fantastic will be happy to help you pick out a color scheme for your glass tile in Los Altos. Our company sells many different types of floor tiles and glass tiles, so we will be able to help you find a product that contains the perfect color for your home’s palette. Give us a call at (408) 371-6247 to hear more about the terrific tile products that await you when you visit our showroom.

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