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Spotlight on Island Stone Tiles

Island Stone is an exceptional tilemaker, specializing in glass tiles, cladding, stone pebbles, and glass tile mosaics. These tiling materials create a natural feel, whether a homeowner wishes for a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere or a rugged, natural cabin décor. Read on to learn more about this exceptional tilemaker.

In the 1990s, several creative designers found inspiration in the natural beauty of Indonesia. By taking inspiration from the surrounding environment, Perfect Pebble Tile was created and became wildly popular. Natural pebbles gave homeowners a taste of mosaic tile designs, and Island Stone soon responded with cladding décor and glass tiles. With a diverse range of tiling products, Island Stone is a global leader in natural and creative tiling designs.

Island Stone is one of Tile Fantastic’s many amazing brands, and we are excited to offer our customers the full range of Island Stone products. We carry gorgeous glass tiles in Los Altos for the convenience of our customers. We also carry a multitude of other products, such as marble, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Please visit us online or call us at (408) 371-6247 to inquire about our full range of products.

Have You Seen the Latest Mosaic Tile Trends?

One of the latest mosaic tile trends include the installation of glass tile. When you install a glass tile mosaic, you have many popular choices to decorate your tiled rooms. Some popular mosaic trends include herringbone patterns and wavy tiles. Read on to learn more about these and other upcoming mosaic trends.

Vibrant Colors

If you are looking for extra color in your life, then consider installing mosaic tiles in bright and engaging colors. This trend can be found in various rooms around your house, including a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Glass tiles can come in a variety of colors, such as red and green, to suit your preference and color scheme.

Wavy Tiles

You can add some extra texture to your backsplashes, shower walls, or countertops with wavy mosaic tiles. Glass tiles can be made in several different shapes, and soft waves are a unique choice. This tile shape would be great for an ocean theme in your bathroom or a blue color scheme in your kitchen.

Herringbone Patterns

A herringbone pattern refers to a particular design made of rectangular tiles. This pattern resembles the bones of the herring fish. The pattern is created with single-colored or multi-colored tiles. The pattern design creates an interesting and appealing appearance whether a single color or multiple colors are used. This mosaic pattern should always be laid by a professional tile installer to ensure that it is done correctly.

Single Bands

If your bathroom or kitchen needs a spark of color, then add a single band of mosaic tile around the length of the room. This mosaic can be as bright or neutral as you wish, but it will add more color and warmth to the room you choose.

Work with the experts at Tile Fantastic to receive the latest trends for mosaic tiles in San Jose. We are happy to discuss the right design and installation for your home. Please call us at (408) 371-6247 to learn more about mosaics and other tiling materials, such as limestone and porcelain tile.

Get an Up-Close Look at Porcelain Mosaic Tile Installation

As seen in the video, installing porcelain tile and mosaic tile designs should only be done by a professional. This type of installation requires knowledgeable installers and quality tiling materials. Continue reading for a brief look at porcelain tile installations.

To create a cohesive design, professional installers will have a detailed drawing to reference, and they will lay the installation in steps. Once the tile has been laid, grout will be applied over the entire tiling installation. This will seal the wall or floor tiles to create a stable and beautiful installation.

Schedule a quality tile installation with Tile Fantastic, a custom tile store in Mountain View. We will work with our customers to design and install the tile flooring or mosaic design of their dreams. We are available for appointments by calling (408) 371-6247.

Different Ways to Use Tile in Your Bathroom

There are so many ways to use bathroom tiles to create beautiful and intriguing designs in your bathroom. Marble and porcelain tile make excellent design choices, but you may also prefer adding mosaic tiles or a brand-new pattern. Continue reading to see some different ways to use your bathroom tiles.

Accent with Alternating Colors

Determine which of your bathroom walls or areas will feature your accent colors. You can use two colors to create an alternating pattern. These colors can be as bold or as neutral as you wish, and the alternating pattern can go in any direction. Pair this type of design with a neutral color throughout the rest of your bathroom.

Try Different Tile Shapes

Another way to use bathroom tiles is by selecting your favorite tile choice and using different shapes. For example, marble will have various effects—such as veining and speckling—that can create an interesting effect. If your marble tiles are cut into different shapes and placed on your walls or floors, then these effects will look even more attractive and interesting.

Create Intriguing Designs

If you are looking for an eye-catching bathroom tile idea, then look at different materials and colors to create intriguing designs. Many shower walls will use a base tile color with bright glass tiles located in the center. You can also employ this design idea for your bathroom floors. A design can be created with glass tiles, different colors, and different tiling materials.

Use Differing Shades

If your bathroom design contains only two colors, usually a neutral and accent color, then look for different shades of your accent color. You can create a fading effect from the light to darker shades of your color; or you can create an alternating pattern between different shades.

Work with Tile Fantastic to create a truly unique and beautiful bathroom tile design in Palo Alto. We can help you design and choose the perfect bathroom tile flooring and walls for your bathroom. Please call us at (408) 371-6247 to set up your consultation appointment.

Inside the Tile Setting Process

Tile setting is a job meant for trained professionals who can ensure the kitchen or bathroom tile is set correctly. While this job is not overly complicated, it does require a keen eye for design and straight lines. Watch the video to see how travertine and porcelain tiles are set.

Once the adhesive has been applied to the surface, it is time to place each tile piece in its correct formation. First, a bullnose tile is applied. This round-edged tile is typically used to create the border of a tiled area. Second, the main tiles are placed against the bullnose tile. Lastly, any design and pattern elements are soon installed.

Trust the experts of Tile Fantastic to create a cohesive and beautiful design for every kitchen or bathroom tile in Mountain View. Our tile store carries a multitude of tile choices, so call us at (408) 371-6247 to get started.

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