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Avoid These Common Tiling Mistakes

Common tiling mistakes, such as incorrectly spreading the grout, can lead to damaged tiles and an irregular tiled surface. Whether the tiles are made of marble, porcelain, or glass, they should be installed in the correct way. Let’s look at some common tiling mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Hiring a Qualified Installer

One of the most common tiling mistakes occurs when homeowners do not hire a tile installer. Many homeowners believe that do-it-yourself tiling projects are easy, but they soon find out that the process requires knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. When homeowners do not hire an installer from their tile store, they risk loose and broken tiles, incorrect grouting, and choosing the wrong adhesive. In addition to these tiling issues, homeowners may not achieve the desired look on their backsplash or tile flooring. Only a qualified tile installer can guarantee a well-laid tile project.

Mistake #2: Not Spreading the Grout

Spreading grout is a task for an experienced installer. If grout is not spread evenly, then there is a risk of excess grout or uneven tiles. If the grout is spread before all of the tiles are laid, then the grout will dry unevenly and result in an irregular tiled surface. Grout should be spread with the right tools and in an even technique that addresses the entire tiled surface.

Mistake #3: Not Preparing the Surface

It is crucial that the intended surface be properly prepared before installing any type of tile. If the surface is not completely cleaned of debris, oil, and old adhesive, then the new backsplash or floor tiles may not adhere correctly to the surface. When tiles cannot adhere to the surface, then homeowners risk loose tiles and future complications from moisture intrusion. The surface should be cleaned and scraped free of any debris.

Come down to Tile Fantastic’s tile store in Palo Alto to speak with one of our qualified tile designers. We help homeowners choose the right materials, like porcelain tile or marble, and offer helpful suggestions on correct tiling methods. Please call us at (408) 371-6247 to schedule an appointment.

Take a Look at Popular Tiling Brands

There are several tiling brands, such as Walker Zanger and Porcelanosa, that have become leaders in the tile industry for their innovative and creative tile designs. Whether dealing in glass tiles or porcelain tiles, the following tiling brands are considered some of the best in the business.

Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger is a tile manufacturer that works with various stones found around the world. Walker Zanger has been a leader in the tile industry for over 55 years. They offer beautiful stone mosaics, terra cotta flooring, and gorgeous glass tiles to complete the look of homes throughout America.


Porcelanosa was founded in 1970s Spain by a dedicated family that still manages it today. One of the largest manufacturers of quality and contemporary-styled ceramic and porcelain tiles, Porcelanosa is a leading figure in large tiles that are constantly updated to match popular décor.

Richards & Sterling

Richards & Sterling offers tile products found almost exclusively in Italy. Whether homeowners wish for an antique stone look or a more contemporary style, Richards & Sterling will have the tile to match. They provide glass, stone, ceramic, and porcelain in various shapes and sizes for any home.

Sonoma Tilemakers

Sonoma Tilemakers offers one-of-a-kind designs for any tile application, whether it be for a kitchen backsplash or swimming pool. This creative tilemaking company combines materials—such as ceramics and metal—to create new and astounding tile designs.

Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glasstile is a leading tilemaker utilizing different glass recycling and remanufacturing techniques. With recycled glass, Oceanside Glasstile handcrafts beautiful and unique glass tiles for mosaics or accent moldings.

Tile Fantastic works closely with these and more tile designers to deliver our customers the custom look they have always wanted. Our tile store in San Jose provides custom work along with the help of gorgeous tile templates. We can design a backsplash, flooring, or a new shower design to suit any customer’s requests. Please call us at (408) 371-6247 to learn more about our partnerships with these leading tile brands.

Spotlight on Caesarstone Countertops

Quartz countertops are one of the most popular options for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Compared to marble and limestone—which may scratch or stain—engineered quartz makes for nonporous and stain-resistant countertops. The original quartz manufacturer, and one of today’s leading brands, is Caesarstone. Continue reading to learn more about Caesarstone and its amazing quartz countertops.

Caesarstone has been a leading producer of quartz surfaces for more than 40 years. This manufacturer makes over 40 different colors and textures to match every household and homeowner’s desire. Each surface is made from a mixture of 93% natural quartz, pigments, and polymer resins. Due to its engineered nature, quartz countertops and backsplashes are nonporous, which means they are highly resistant to staining and scratches. These innovative and beautiful surfaces come with a residential lifetime warranty.

Tile Fantastic is a qualified dealer of Caesarstone quartz, Porcelanosa tile, and many other popular tile brands. Our tile store and showroom is open Monday through Saturday and during appointments. Commercial and residential clients can call us at (408) 371-6247 for more information about bathroom and kitchen tiles near Los Altos.

How Custom Renovations Can Create Your Dream Home

With custom renovations—such as a marble countertop or glass tile shower design—your home will look and feel like your own personal resort. By choosing custom renovation projects, your home will be better suited to your individual tastes and daily needs. Let’s take a closer look at creating your dream home.

Design to Your Tastes

If you regularly look at a room and think of ways you can change it, then a custom renovation is the perfect opportunity. By choosing custom work, you can add a personal mosaic tile design to your bathroom backsplash and decorate in the colors that suit your tastes. It is crucial you feel comfortable in your own home, which makes custom renovations and decorating necessary to match your tastes with your home.

Install to Your Needs

When you need extra storage space in your kitchen or bathroom, then a custom renovation is the perfect choice. By working with a qualified home renovator, you can determine all of the necessities for your renovation. For example, you can lower cabinets to fit a short height, or you can add in custom storage solutions to help you declutter your home.

Build to Your Physicality

There are several types of physical limitations you may have to deal with in a standard home, such as high counters, cold floors, and wide counters. With customization, though, these limitations can be addressed. A custom cabinetmaker can shorten or raise the height and width of your counters, and a tile store can recommend the appropriate countertop tiling material for your project. If you have exceptionally cold floors, then ask your tile store about a floor heating system called NuHeat.

Trust the expert designers and installers of Tile Fantastic to deliver an exceptional tiling project. Whether you have custom backsplash ideas or bathroom tile ideas near Palo Alto, we will work with you to create a beautiful renovation. Please call us at (408) 371-6247 to schedule a consultation.

Spotlight on Island Stone Tiles

Island Stone is an exceptional tilemaker, specializing in glass tiles, cladding, stone pebbles, and glass tile mosaics. These tiling materials create a natural feel, whether a homeowner wishes for a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere or a rugged, natural cabin décor. Read on to learn more about this exceptional tilemaker.

In the 1990s, several creative designers found inspiration in the natural beauty of Indonesia. By taking inspiration from the surrounding environment, Perfect Pebble Tile was created and became wildly popular. Natural pebbles gave homeowners a taste of mosaic tile designs, and Island Stone soon responded with cladding décor and glass tiles. With a diverse range of tiling products, Island Stone is a global leader in natural and creative tiling designs.

Island Stone is one of Tile Fantastic’s many amazing brands, and we are excited to offer our customers the full range of Island Stone products. We carry gorgeous glass tiles in Los Altos for the convenience of our customers. We also carry a multitude of other products, such as marble, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Please visit us online or call us at (408) 371-6247 to inquire about our full range of products.

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