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Tips On Using Tile In Your Home

Tile Bathroom

Have you enjoyed reading our recent blog posts, which have discussed important considerations to take into account when designing tile floors for your home and the versatility of marble has a home construction and decoration material? If you would like to learn more about either of these topics, the following resources should be of interest to you.

  • Visit HouseAndHome.com to see how marble tile can give you the chic home entryway you have always wanted.
  • This Yahoo! Voices article offers some great tips on choosing a flooring design for your home.
  • Read up on five decisions that are important to any home or garden tiling project with the help of insiderpages.com.
  • Marble shower walls can make any bathroom look elegant, but they do take some maintenance. Check out this Good Housekeeping article for tips on keeping your bathroom’s marble walls looking new for ages.
  • Interested in making your new tumbled marble entryway floor a do-it-yourself project? This Family Handyman article can provide you with some useful advice.

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Design Decisions When Choosing a Tile Floor

Domestic bathrooms

Ceramic and stone floor tiles face a great deal of wear on a daily basis and sets the tone for your entire room design, so it’s important to choose your tiles carefully. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing flooring:

Function of Room
If the floor you are tiling will not experience much traffic, virtually all tile material options may be considered. If you are tiling a kitchen, dining room, or living room, however, you will want to choose an extremely durable material such as porcelain or granite.

Size of Tile
12-inch by 12-inch is the industry standard for floor tile dimensions, but some distributors offer a variety of tile sizes. Your personal preferences and your distributor’s availability are the two primary factors that rule this decision.

Color and Pattern
Once you have selected a material and tile size, it is time to think about the color and pattern that will work best with the room you are tiling. Think about the other wall and countertop materials that will be present in that room, and choose a color and pattern (side-to-side, wall-parallel, or diamond) that will mesh well with these materials and the room’s décor.

Accents and Border Tiles
Metal and glass tile accents are a great way to highlight the floor of a room. Speak with a tile expert about emphasizing your tile floor with accents or border tiles.

Type of Grout
Grout comes in many varieties, and the grout you select to hold your tiles together can be as prominent or as unnoticeable as you would like for it to be. A tile distributor or installation professional can help you learn more about this.

Are you looking for a South Bay distributor of fine ceramic, stone, and glass tiles to help you make your dream floor become a reality? If so, Tile Fantastic is the company you should trust to assist you in carrying out this job. Call (408) 371-6247 to learn more about our high-quality products today!

All About Grout

The majority of home tiles are held together with grout, which binds them together in an attractive and durable manner. What many homeowners do not know when they set out to have a tiled floor installed in their home, however, is that there are different types of grout.

To learn about the different tile applications for which sanded and non-sanded grout are ideal, check out this brief informational video clip. Non-sanded grout, which is less harsh and abrasive than sanded grout, is the preferred option for most natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles that are placed close to one another.

Are you looking for a quality supplier of ceramic and stone tiles in the South Bay area who will be amenable to your grout needs and preferences? If so, visit Tile Fantastic or call (408) 371-6247 to speak with a helpful tile and grout expert today!

Beautiful Applications for Marble in the Home

Marble Floor

An elegant metamorphic stone that has been used in construction and décor projects for millennia, marble is considered to be one of the finest and most desirable materials one can use in his home. If you are looking for some inspiration on where to use marble or marble tiles in your home then this discussion of a handful of marble’s home applications may pique your creativity.

Think about how much time you spend in your bathroom on a daily basis, and imagine what it would be like if you could relax surrounded by elegant marble. With marble tub surrounds or an elegant marble countertop, you can stop imagining and start realizing.

Kitchen Backsplashes
A backsplash is the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed kitchen, and tumbled marble is the ideal material with which to create this backsplash. To design a backsplash that you will love and others will notice, opt for a marble mosaic or accent marble tiles with metal or glass.

Fireplace Mantels
If you are looking for a place to lay a fine slab of marble where it will not go unnoticed, consider the mantel of your fireplace. No matter what you decide to adorn the mantel with, the marble tile pattern you have installed above your fireplace will stand out and be appreciated by all who spend time in your living room.

The entryway is the first part of your home that most guests will see when they visit, and it may even be the first room you pass through when you return home from work. If you want to impress your guests and constantly be reminded of the beautiful home that you own, consider laying marble tiles in your home’s entryway.

Now that you know a bit more about the ways in which marble can be used, you may be ready to look at the marble and marble tile options a natural stone supplier can provide you with. To learn more about the finest selection of stone tiles and mosaics in the South Bay area, call Tile Fantastic at (408) 371-6247 or check out our online gallery today!

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