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Contemporary Porcelain Tile in San Jose

Nothing can quite match the versatility of tile. If you're having trouble finding a material that complements your interior décor, you'll find that porcelain tile is an excellent option. Porcelain tile doesn't just come in shades of white—there are many different colors of contemporary porcelain tile; it is easy to use tile to customize a room and it is also quite easy to keep clean, compared to other flooring material. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home or business, the San Jose tile experts at Tile Fantastic will gladly present you with all the available contemporary porcelain tile options.

Benefits of Porcelain Tile

Once your porcelain tile is installed, you'll be very impressed with the results. Here are just a few of the benefits of installing contemporary porcelain tile in your home or business.

Contemporary Porcelain Tile in San Jose

  • Easy to Clean: Porcelain tile has a hard, solid surface, making it very easy to clean and maintain. Even the grout between the tiles is simple to clean with the right tools.
  • Range of Designs: You'll be impressed by the sheer number of different colors and designs of porcelain tile. Whether you're looking to brighten your spaces with light tiles or give it some depth with darker tiles, you'll have no trouble finding the variety that fits your property.
  • Impressive Durability: Porcelain is one of the hardest, most durable home materials there is. Contemporary porcelain tiles are virtually invulnerable to scratches and other kinds of damage. They last for decades after installation.

Porcelain Tile Applications

One of the great things about porcelain tiles is that they can be installed almost anywhere. They lend themselves particularly well to the kitchen and bathroom. Here are just a few uses you might consider for your contemporary porcelain tile.

  • Floors: Porcelain's stellar durability makes it an excellent option for floors. Kitchen and bathroom floors are especially great for porcelain tiles, as these areas typically see a lot of water.
  • Counters: If you're looking for a strong material to install in your kitchen or bathroom counter, you will not be disappointed by contemporary porcelain tile.
  • Walls: If you find a particularly elegant porcelain tile—which is very easy to do—you might install it on your walls. Porcelain wall tile is even durable enough to adorn the walls of swimming pools.

If you have any interest in installing porcelain tiles, call Tile Fantastic of San Jose at (408) 371-6247. We have all the tile you could ever want, and a friendly staff to help you select the right kind of tile for your property. Visit our San Jose tile store to take a look at our wide selection.

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