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Glass & Mosaic Tile in San Jose

Glass tile is an excellent choice for many areas of your home. If you're looking to give your bathroom or kitchen a fun, artistic look, you'll find no better material than glass mosaic tile. This type of tile lends itself very well to the kitchen, bathroom, and even some outdoor areas. To learn more about the different kinds of glass mosaic tile available, come to Tile Fantastic of San Jose. We've been in the tile business for more than 40 years.

The Appeal of Glass & Mosaic Tile

There are several different kinds of mosaic tile to choose from. Glass mosaic tile is different from the other materials used for mosaics. Here's a brief look at what makes glass mosaic tile so special.

Glass Mosaic Tile in San Jose

  • Translucent Appearance: The glass design gives this type of tile a unique translucent appearance that is enchanting to look at. Properly installed glass mosaic tile can make your kitchen or bathroom look like an artistic oasis.
  • Infinite Design Options: Glass mosaic tile is known for its variety of colors and visual textures. There are countless ways you can arrange your glass mosaic tile, ensuring that your tile adequately complements your spaces.
  • Low Maintenance: Maintaining glass tile is quick and easy. Simply use a special spray on the grout and wipe the tile with a cloth to keep it clean for years.

Great Places for Glass & Mosaic Tile

Are you interested in the idea of glass mosaic tile, but unsure of where to install it? Here are a few places where homeowners typically like to install their glass mosaic tile.

  • Kitchen Backsplash: A good-looking kitchen backsplash is a great design accent, and can help prevent cooking splashes from damaging the wall. Many homeowners install glass mosaic trim all around their kitchen.
  • Shower Area: When glass mosaic tile gets wet, it creates a magical, resort-like aesthetic. Outfitting your bathroom's shower area with glass mosaic tile is a great way to add an attractive accent.
  • Pool Area: The combination of glass mosaic tile, water, and sunshine can make your pool area literally sparkle. Glass mosaic tile also lends itself well to fountains and other water features.

Come by Tile Fantastic of San Jose to see how glass mosaic looks when properly installed. If you like the look of glass tile, our tile experts will gladly help you determine how it can best complement your indoor and outdoor spaces. Call (408) 371-6247 to get started.

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