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The blog of Tile Fantastic: Family owned since 1975, Tile Fantastic has the finest in ceramic, porcelain, stone, mosaics, glass and metal tiles for every area of your home.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is made with a low fired clay bisque that appears either white or red-brown. It is appropriate for lighter usage areas such as bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. Kitchen counters can be made with some ceramic tiles, but their durability will not be equal to Porcelain grade tile. Colors can range anywhere on the spectrum, from monochromatic contemorary to a heavily varied handmade look. Many ceramic tiles have a wide variety of embossed and painted decorative options. Ceramic grade tiles are generally not recommended for floors.Ceramic tile sizes typically range from 4" to 8" squares, and popular European rectangular sizes starting at 8" x 12" all the way up to 13" x 40".

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose

Porcelain Wall Tile

Porcelain wall tile is a very high density, high fired product with superior durability. The clay bisque is a light grey in color. These tiles are appropriate for kitchen counters, shower walls, backsplashes, etc. The glazes on the porcelain tiles are known for a higher range of color variation, giving a rich, custom look. Porcelain tile is also frost-proof, so it can be used in swimming pools and fountains as well as on outdoor cooktops. Finishes can range from glossy smooth to stone rough.

Porcelain wall tiles typically range from 1"to 6".

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose

Porcelain Floor Tile

Porcelain floor tile has become the industry standard for quality and durability. These tiles will offer the absolute hardest, most durable surface you can use on a floor. Usable for both residential and commercial projects, these tiles will last the life of a structure in most cases with a minimum of upkeep. Once a rarity, porcelain tiles are now available from all of the top manufacturers, especially tiles coming from Italy. Unglazed versions with special textures are available for use outdoors. Many new 12" and 13" floor tiles are available with kitchen counter trim, making them an extremely durable counter surface.Floor sizes typically range from 12" to 20".

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose

Quarry Tile

Quarry tiles are dense, unglazed tiles that are well suited to outdoor applications. They typically are earthtone colors of terracotta--reds, browns, and greys. They are perfect for patios and walkways as well as commercial floors where a non-slip surface is needed. Quarry tile comes in sizes ranging from 6" to 12".

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Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose


Marble is a natural, metamorphic stone composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals. As with most stones, natural color variations are part of its beauty. It is a relatively soft stone and should not be used in applications where it will be in continuous contact with staining agents, such as in a kitchen.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose


Granite is a very hard crystalline volcanic rock that can withstand much more abuse than marble. It is appropriate for kitchen counters, floors, bathrooms, etc.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose


Limestone is a stone composed largely of calcite and/or aragonite. Since it is a sedimentary rock, fossils of marine organisms are commonly seen in the surface. Almost always in a honed finish, limestone is used for flooring, showers and fireplaces.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose

Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are relatively new to the tile market. They are typically used as accent tiles, mixed in with other types of tile or stone. The tiles tend to have a relief or raised pattern set into them.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose


Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs, formed from calcium carbonate. These stones typically have pronounced directional veining which can be accentuated (vein-cut) or more muted (cross-cut) depending on the desired effect.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose


Slates are composed of layers of rock, sometimes showing great color variations from layer to layer. Slate is a very porous stone that must be sealed for any interior application.

Tile Fantastic Materials in San Jose

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