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    Spotlight on Limestone Tile

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Limestone is made from natural compounds and used in a variety of different applications. Keep reading to learn all about limestone and why it makes such a great material for tile.

    A sedimentary rock comprised of aragonite and calcite, limestone frequently features fossilized marine creatures. Whereas other kinds of tiles may vary greatly in color, limestone tiles are known to primarily display grays, greens, and other soft tones. This type of tile can be used in any room of the house; it may be ideal for lining your fireplace in the living room or covering the walls in your shower. Limestone tile is also a popular choice for flooring and is typically found in a honed finish. However, some colors come in a tumbled finish and can create interesting displays. Regardless of where you install your limestone tile, it is a good idea to have it sealed.

    Would you like to learn more about limestone tile? Call Tile Fantastic at (888) 864-6319. We offer a range of natural stone tiles as well as ceramic and glass. For much more information about our services, please do not hesitate to visit our website.

    Tips for Tiling Your Shower

    Last updated 9 days ago

    If you are planning on tiling your shower, there are a few points to consider before beginning your project. It is important to choose the right tiles in the right sizes to spruce up your shower in a comfortable way. Here are a few tips for tiling your shower.

    Consider Texture and Maintenance
    Your tile use may be limited to the walls of your shower, but if you are tiling a built-in shower bench or anything else that you will physically contact, it is wise to consider the texture of the tile you choose. The tiles’ sizes may also impact comfort. It may feel uncomfortable to sit down on a shower bench that is covered with small tiles; instead, a slab or larger, smoother tiles would be appropriate in this situation. Large slabs and smooth glass panels are also more convenient when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

    Explore the Advantages of Smaller Tiles
    While slabs and large tiles do have their benefits, small tiles can be useful in certain situations as well. Smaller tiles are convenient for use with curved and sloping surfaces. Small tiles can create beautiful sloped ceiling mosaics as well as wavy, curving shower benches. Smaller tiles also help to create traction. This makes them a perfect choice for the floor of your shower because it may help to prevent accidental slips and falls.

    Highlight with Tiles
    Anyone can enjoy a luxurious shower design with the help of some tiling creativity. By tiling one wall of your shower differently than the others, but still within the same theme, you can accentuate that wall as a focal point of the bathroom. Additionally, you can use differently sized tiles for different purposes if they complement each other. A shower floor of smaller tiles can be functional and aesthetically pleasing alongside larger tiles of a similar nature lining the walls.

    For more tips for tiling your shower, contact Tile Fantastic or visit our website. Since 1975, we have been serving the San Jose area with a variety of different types of tile including glass, stone, and ceramic. If you would like to know more about us, please call (888) 864-6319.

    Inside the Tile Backsplash Design Process

    Last updated 15 days ago

    A tile backsplash can help to liven up your kitchen and does not take long to design and complete. Watch this video to take a look inside the tile backsplash design process.

    When you begin to design your tile backsplash, start by arranging your tiles on the counter. You can use a box cutter to cut the tile from the backing if you are not going to use a full sheet. Apply your thin set mortar evenly to the wall, dragging a notched trowel across to create ridges. Then apply your tiles to the wall one section at a time so the mortar does not dry out.

    Tile Fantastic is proud to provide San Jose with a range of tiles. If you would like to learn more about our stone, ceramic, and glass tiles, feel free to give us a call at (888) 864-6319. You can also visit our website or stop by and see us today.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Tile

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Due to a bathroom’s relatively high humidity level and the frequency with which water splashes, drips, or leaks onto the floor, non-porous, water-resistant floor tiles are almost always a better choice than carpet or hardwood flooring. With glass tiles, ceramic tiles, and some natural stone tiles all fulfilling those criteria, there are several tile options for you to choose from. To narrow down your options and decide on a tile that proves perfect for your bathroom, consider the following factors and their importance to you as you search for the right bathroom floor tile.

    If price will play a significant role in your bathroom tile decision, affordable ceramic tile could be your best bet. If you choose natural stone or glass tile instead, you’ll be happy to know that your home’s value will benefit—these materials may add nearly as much to your home’s resale value as you invest in them.

    Opting for a more durable tile option, like granite or porcelain, means that you will not have to worry about replacing your bathroom tile for a very long time, if ever. If durability is important to you, give this factor at least as much weight as cost when making your decision. An expensive tile option that can last for 30 years may end up costing you less than an inexpensive option designed to last for 10.

    Ease of Maintenance
    If you are the type of homeowner who has no trouble putting in an hour of elbow grease here and there to keep the surfaces and décor of your home looking great, then your bathroom could be a good candidate for tile options that require more frequent attention, such as marble. However, if the thought of spending time tending to your bathroom flooring’s appearance is not appealing, a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean option like porcelain could be the right choice for you.

    Regardless of whether you decide on ceramic, glass, or natural stone tile for your South Bay home, Tile Fantastic is sure to have a tile solution that will beautifully complement your bathroom’s design and work with your budget. To get a feel for the tile options in our inventory, visit our San Jose showroom or call us at (888) 864-6319.

    What Are the Advantages of Glass Tile?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    One of the most noteworthy trends in the world of tile over the past several decades has been the growing popularity of glass tile as a home flooring material. Versatile, room-brightening, and a unique option that impresses visitors and prospective buyers alike, glass tile has a lot to offer homeowners.

    Available in a wide array of colors, glass tile can be tailored to suit your personal tastes and your home’s design. The smooth, glossy effect given off by glass tile can enhance and brighten any room. Many tile options are water-resistant, but glass tile is watertight, incapable of sustaining water damage or harboring mold and mildew. On top of all of this, glass tile can easily be cleaned with water and a mild cleaning agent.

    If you are looking for a beautiful, stylish, and value-adding tile for your home’s bathrooms or kitchen, glass tile may very well be the way to go. To see an excellent selection of glass tile and glass mosaics in San Jose, visit the Tile Fantastic showroom, check out our website, or call us at (888) 864-6319.

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