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Tracing Marble's Journey from the Quarry to Your Kitchen

While today's homeowners can select from a variety of man-made composite materials for their kitchen counters and tiles, many still prefer the natural beauty of marble. Like limestone and travertine, this stone is quarried directly from the earth, polished, and cut into tiles before it is shipped to a tile store and eventually installed in your San Jose home.

In this video, you can see exactly how a vein of marble deposited deep in the earth comes to be a beautiful design element in your kitchen. Also, you will learn more about the process of polishing and shipping that brings these gorgeous natural tiles to a store near your. Press play to get started!

Whether you intend to use large marble tiles for flooring or smaller pieces to create a high-end backsplash, you can find the sizes and colors you are looking for at Tile Fantastic. Contact us today at (408) 371-6247 or visit our site for hours, directions, and more information about our tile selections.

Reasons to Choose Contemporary Porcelain Tile

Different types of tile are better suited to various surfaces throughout the home. When looking for the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom floor, porcelain tiles are a great material on which to focus your search. Some reasons to choose a contemporary porcelain tile bathroom or kitchen floor include:

Aesthetic Appeal
Sleek, elegant, and versatile, contemporary porcelain tile designs offer plenty of bang for your buck. With uniform and multicolor design schemes available, it is easy to find something that suits the decor in your kitchen or bathroom.

Ease of Maintenance Contemporary Porcelain Tile in San Jose
Contemporary porcelain tiles, especially options with glazed surfaces, are about as easy to maintain as floors can be. Sweep, vacuum, and mop regularly to prevent buildup of potentially abrasive particles and grime, and you should be able to keep your porcelain floors looking new for years.

Advances in technology have made contemporary porcelain tiles exceptionally strong and long-lasting. Porcelain tiles can withstand heavy use without cracking, and cracks that do occur can be repaired easily and inexpensively.

Protection Against Water Damage
When compared with most floor tile options, ceramic tiles are a relatively slip-free option. Some contemporary options even boast a no-slip grip.

Stain Resistance
Considering also that porcelain is resistant to stains and water damage , porcelain tiles are great for rooms of the home where the potential for flooding and spills is highest. If you get accidentally spill dish soap, hair product, or water on a porcelain floor, you rarely have to worry about stains as long as you clean up the spill immediately.

At Tile Fantastic in San Jose, we carry a selection of the world's finest contemporary porcelain tiles for floors and walls. Family-owned and operated since 1975, we pride ourselves and service and quality. For information about our contemporary porcelain tile designs and other tiles, call (888) 864-6319.

Spotlight on Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile in San JoseCeramic tiles are a common, inexpensive option for walls, countertops, and floors throughout your home. You might have known this, but do you know how ceramic tiles are made, what their maintenance requirements are, and where they are an especially good tile option for homeowners who care how their homes look but are keen to save money where they can?

Made from clay, ceramic tiles are kiln-fired on low heat and often painted after the firing process. They require little maintenance, but are generally less durable ceramic than some other more expensive tile options. As a result, wall and countertop tiles made from ceramic are easier to care for than ceramic floor tiles.

Do you live in the San Jose area? If you are looking for a tile dealer to supply you with an extensive selection of high-quality, ceramic tiles, call Tile Fantastic at (888) 864-6319. If you are looking for tiles for a backsplash or wall, be sure to ask about our decorative ceramic tile options.

Mosaic Tile Options for Your Vanity Top

A vanity should look elegant. Without a design-coordinated top made from fine-quality material, such elegance is difficult to achieve. If you are looking to update your bathroom vanity with an eye-catching, complementary mosaic tile top, here are a few tile options for you to consider.

Loose Tile Mosaic
If you want your vanity to have a custom-designed look, arrange to have it fabricated from loose tiles in colors and designs of your choosing. This is a great option for homeowners with a creative streak that they want to see reflected in their home's design.

Sheet Tile Mosaic
If you do not have the time, energy, or creative drive to design your own vanity top from loose tiles, you have other options. Industry experts have designed an array of tile mosaics, which you can shop for at reputable tile dealers in your area.

Tastefully Rustic Mosaic Tile in San Jose
Rustic mosaic tile vanity tops look great in bathrooms with earthen color schemes and relatively simple designs. They can be designed with loose tiles and are found in sheet tile patterns, and assembled from metal, stone, or glass tiles.

Chic Contemporary
Is your bathroom's design more modern than rustic? If it is, consider monochromatic mosaic tiles that prominently feature silver, shades of white, or dark colors. As long as you like the mosaic tile you choose, it complements the existing features in your bathroom's design, and is made from high-caliber materials that will last and meet your preferred maintenance requirements, it should work fine.

No matter what design touch you are going for, Tile Fantastic has a mosaic tile vanity top design that will look great in the bathroom you are updating or renovating. For a taste of what we have to offer, visit our San Jose showroom. To speak with one of our tile vanity top and countertop tile specialists, call (888) 864-6319.

Trends in Kitchen Backsplashes

Not only does a backsplash help protect walls against damage from water, steam, and smoke. It is also a great way to add character to a kitchen or bathroom. For a look at some of today's hottest kitchen backsplash trends, check out this HGTV video clip.

Right now, large backsplashes and backsplashes made from large tiles are in. The most popular kitchen backsplash tile materials of the moment are glass, metal, and stone. As color contrast grows in popularity, homeowners with darker kitchen color schemes are electing to install lighter-colored backsplashes and vice versa.

Are you looking to enhance your kitchen's appeal with a tile backsplash? To learn about the metal, stone, and glass tile options from which you can choose at Tile Fantastic in San Jose, call (888) 864-6319.

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