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Trends in Kitchen Backsplashes

Not only does a backsplash help protect walls against damage from water, steam, and smoke. It is also a great way to add character to a kitchen or bathroom. For a look at some of today's hottest kitchen backsplash trends, check out this HGTV video clip.

Right now, large backsplashes and backsplashes made from large tiles are in. The most popular kitchen backsplash tile materials of the moment are glass, metal, and stone. As color contrast grows in popularity, homeowners with darker kitchen color schemes are electing to install lighter-colored backsplashes and vice versa.

Are you looking to enhance your kitchen's appeal with a tile backsplash? To learn about the metal, stone, and glass tile options from which you can choose at Tile Fantastic in San Jose, call (888) 864-6319.

Coordinating Your Floor Tiles with Your Countertops

One of the simplest ways to create both an eye catching and cohesive look in your kitchen is to strategically coordinate your flooring and countertop materials. If you've decided that tile is the right flooring style for your kitchen, then be sure to work with you stone tile distributor to find a countertop style that evokes the same feeling and design aesthetic as the flooring. Here is a quick guide to coordinating your floor tile with your countertops:

Keep Your Color Scheme Simple

Granite Countertop in San Jose If you're finding it especially difficult to create the perfect tile and countertop combination in your kitchen, then begin by establishing a simple yet personalized color story. Select two basic colors that you either enjoy or that are already featured throughout the home and then opt for a third accent color to include later on. Paint swatches are a great resource when it comes to creating your own signature color scheme.

Draw Inspiration from Details in the Countertop
In the event that you have already set your sights on a beautiful countertop material, such as a unique marble slab, use that material as the inspiration for your tile selection. Many natural stone countertops will feature one-of-a-kind color patterns or slight hints of a beautiful, earthy hue such as a rusty red streak. Choose a floor tile that either incorporates that color or embraces it fully to create a floor to ceiling look that is interesting and attractive.

Rely on Additional Fixtures for a Color Pop
Another great strategy for coordinating floor tile with countertops is to select neutral varieties of both materials, in terms of color and detailing, and to pair them with brighter and bolder accessories. Vibrant cabinetry or attention-grabbing artwork can highlight the brilliant simplicity of countertops and floor tiles that are earth-tone in color or that have a subtle overall appearance.

Are you struggling to find the perfect flooring or countertop materials for your home's kitchen? Here at Tile Fantastic, we are always eager to help clients like you find the ceramic tile, glass tile, and stone tile materials you need in order to create your dream home. You can learn more about our products by calling us today at (888) 864-6319.

Getting to Know Tile Fantastic

If you haven't yet explored all of the beautiful flooring options waiting for you here at Tile Fantastic, then you may be curious to learn what exactly it is that sets us apart from other tile, natural wood, and stone retailers in San Jose. To begin with, Tile Fantastic has over four decades of experience assisting individual homeowners as well as interior designers and contractors. Each of our satisfied customers has had the opportunity to choose from a huge assortment of ceramic tile and stone tile that we hand pick from quarries and distributors throughout the world.

Another exciting element of our business model that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are always updating our showroom and warehouse. Whether you are hunting for the perfect shade of granite for your countertops or you'd like to spice up your kitchen with glass tile backsplash, we can accommodate your request and even find you the perfect complementary materials like grout and sealer. Call (888) 864-6319 to learn more about Tile Fantastic.

How to Decorate Your Home with Tile [INFOGRAPHIC]

The thought of redecorating your home can be daunting at first, but it will quickly become a fun project when you realize how many new things you can do to your décor. You might choose new furniture or decide to paint the walls a different color, and you should also consider the ways you can use tile in various places in your home. Ceramic tile can be used on kitchen countertops or backsplashes, and gives your space a rustic look. Glass tile is ideal for both interior and exterior use, and glass mosaics can give a pool or water feature extra style. For your front walkway, consider using terra cotta tile to lend a warm, down-to-earth feel to your home. Check out this infographic to learn more ways you can use glass, porcelain, ceramic, and stone tile throughout your house. Please share with your friends and family!

Tile Infogrpahic San Jose

Understanding the Differences Between Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile

Have you recently made the decision to incorporate tile into your kitchen, bathroom, or perhaps even feature it throughout the entire home? Before you start to consider color options or even specific design patterns, be sure to consult with a flooring expert to find out which type of tile is the right fit for each unique space in the home. Let's explore some of the differences between two of the most popular tile varieties, ceramic and porcelain:

Tile for Rooms Prone to Moisture Build Up
Tile is a great flooring choice for so-called "wet rooms", such as the laundry room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. There are some varieties of tile, however, that are better at repelling moisture in these rooms, with ceramic being one of them. Ceramic tile is likely to last longer than porcelain as a flooring option in these rooms and is therefore the recommended choice of the two by flooring experts.

Tiles That Can Sustain Heavy Traffic Flows Ceramic Tile in San Jose
For spaces such as entryways, living rooms, or other areas that see a lot of traffic each day, porcelain floor tiles are likely to be the preferred option for homeowners and flooring retailers alike. This is because porcelain is a stronger material than ceramic and is therefore more durable and more likely to sustain damage brought on by frequent traffic and the wear and tear that accompanies it.

The Process of Installing Porcelain vs. Ceramic
As you have read, porcelain and ceramic differ greatly in their strength and durability as well as their appropriateness for certain rooms in the home. They also vary when it comes to the process of installation, as certain inherent characteristics make porcelain tile a trickier style to install without professional help. With the aid of a professional, however, you can achieve a beautiful look with porcelain on your floors, backsplash, or even throughout your countertop areas.

If you still have questions about porcelain and ceramic tiles, then don't hesitate to contact the knowledgeable professionals here at Tile Fantastic. For nearly forty years we have helped San Jose area clients just like you to find the perfect stone mosaics, ceramic tile, and glass tile materials for their interior design project. Call us at (888) 864-6319 to get started beautifying your home with new tile products.

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