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How to Choose Tile for Your Home

Whether you are embarking on a new home construction project, or are renovating an existing property, you will have many materials to choose from as you are planning each room in your home. When you are designing your kitchen and bathroom spaces, you may want to consider purchasing travertine in San Jose. Materials like travertine and limestone are excellent tile flooring and tile backsplash options. To assist you with your selection, here is a closer look at some factors to consider when you are choosing tile.

Look At Wear Ratings mosaic backsplash tile san jose
When you are shopping for tile for your home, it is a good idea to consider the wear ratings for each type of tile material that you are considering. A tile’s wear rating provides you with valuable information about its intended use. When you are designing a tile floor, you should be sure to select a tile product that has a high wear rating.

Consider Stain Resistance
In order to make sure that your tile surface looks beautiful for many years to come, it is a great idea to consider the stain resistance of different types of tiles. For example, natural stone tiles are extremely stain resistant when they are properly sealed.

Explore Colors and Patterns
As you are designing a tile surface, it is also a great idea to get creative with different colors and patterns. Depending on the look and feel of the room that you are designing, you may want to select tile that offers a contemporary, rustic, or classic look and feel.

For help choosing the perfect new tile for your home, do not hesitate to contact Tile Fantastic. We proudly provide our San Jose customers with a terrific selection of top quality tile products, and we will be thrilled to answer any questions that you may have about tile. To schedule a consultation for your tile installation, give us a call at (408) 371-6247.

What Is Travertine?

travertine tile san joseWhen you visit the tile store in Mountain View, you will have a diverse range of materials at your disposal. One of the most beautiful tile options for your home is travertine tile. Travertine is a naturally occurring substance that is derived from limestone deposits. This natural stone product comes in a variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. Since the color of travertine is typically on the muted side, travertine tile is a great choice if you are seeking an elegant look for your room. Whether you are seeking a quality backsplash or floor tiles, travertine will provide you with excellent durability, beauty, and performance.

To learn more about travertine, be sure to contact Tile Fantastic of Palo Alto. We proudly offer an extensive inventory of quality tile products, and we will help you select the best bathroom tile or kitchen tile for your home. Call us at (408) 371-6247 for more information about the products that we currently have available.

Selecting Granite Tile

When you are shopping for new countertops or tile flooring near San Jose, you may want to consider using granite. Granite is a highly durable and attractive choice for any tiling products. To get the best affordability for your granite installation, you should be sure to look for granite tiles at a tile store near you. Granite tile is much more affordable than a whole granite slab. For a closer look at how to select granite tile, check out this video from DIY Network.

When you are shopping for marble, limestone, or granite in the Palo Alto area, be sure to check out the amazing inventory at Tile Fantastic. We proudly offer a great selection of tile at affordable prices. Give us a call at (408) 371-6247 for more information about the materials that are featured in our inventory.

Discovering the History of Marble from Italy

If you are shopping for a luxurious and elegant kitchen tile option, you may want to consider purchasing marble in San Jose. As you are shopping for your new marble countertops, you may find samples of marble from Italy. Italian marble has a long and rich history, and this material will make a beautiful statement as a backsplash or countertop in your kitchen. Read on for a quick tour of the history of Italian marble.

Ancient Rome white marble san jose
Italian marble can trace its roots back to Ancient Rome, when artists and craftsman forged buildings and works of art from the prized material. For example, ancient sites, such as the Parthenon, were constructed nearly entirely out of marble. Roman architects and artists sought out marble due to its extraordinary beauty and exceptional durability. When you install Italian marble in your home today, you too will reap the rewards of this fantastic material.

Quarries in Carrara
Throughout the centuries, Italian marble gained an international reputation for being among the finest building materials available. In order to meet up with popular demand, marble quarries were established in certain regions throughout Italy. To this day, a majority of the marble in Italy comes from quarries in the region of Carrara.

Italian Marble Today
Today, the popularity of Italian marble is still on the rise. Many homeowners choose this refined product for use in their kitchens or bathrooms. Since Italian marble is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, this material is a practical and stylish choice for your home.

For more information about all of the terrific tile products that are available for your remodel, be sure to contact Tile Fantastic of Mountain View. Our showroom carries an extensive inventory of top rated tile products, including glass tile, subway tile, and tile that looks like wood. To hear more about all of our products and services, call us at (408) 371-6247.

Top Reasons to Plan a Ceramic Tile Installation

Whether you’re planning a new tile floor, tile counters in the bathroom, or a tile backsplash in the kitchen, make sure ceramic is at the top of your list. There are lots of options to choose from, especially when you shop at a world-class tile shop in San Jose, but ceramic tile continues to be one of the most popular choices. Here are some of the top reasons to consider ceramic tile for your new tile installation.

Ceramic is Very Low Maintenance ceramic tile san jose
Though no surface material is entirely maintenance free, ceramic tile is about the closest thing you can find. Ceramic tile only requires the regular cleaning that any flooring or countertop surface would require. With the installation of grout, ceramic tile becomes almost imperious to water damage. And in the event that a tile breaks, repair is as easy as removing the broken piece, reinstalling replacement tile, and regrouting the repaired area.

Ceramic Tile is Cost Effective
There are certainly cheaper materials than ceramic tile, but very few materials (if any) are more cost effective than ceramic. Considering the initial cost of ceramic and its longevity and durability, the long-term savings of ceramic tile make it a wise investment.

Ceramic is Available in a Wide Variety of Styles
Style is incredibly important when planning any home improvement project, and ceramic tile offers an excess of style. Ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of finishes and styles to meet any décor, and there is a color and texture to fit every need. Visit a tile store in your area to see beautiful ceramic tiles in person.

For the best selection of ceramic tiles in San Jose, visit Tile Fantastic. Family-owned since 1975, Tile Fantastic is proud to offer the finest selection of the highest quality tiles. Visit our tile store to speak with one of our experts about your project or call us at (408) 890-2402 if you have any questions about working with ceramic tile.

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