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Using Glass Tiles in the Bathroom

If you are planning an upcoming bathroom renovation, you may want to consider incorporating glass tile in San Jose into your new bathroom design. Bathroom tile is extremely durable and easy to clean, and will also provide a unique look to your space. In addition, translucent glass tile can also be used to add light and spaciousness to your bathroom. To provide you with some great bathroom tile ideas, here is a look at using glass tile in the bathroom.

Mix and Match
When you are planning a glass tile design for your bathroom, you may want to consider mixing and matching different colors, sizes, and styles. For example, you can use glass tile in three different colors to provide your bathroom space with a unique look. Mixing and matching is also a great way to create a unique sense of flair in your updated bathroom.

Consider Colors Glass Tile in San Jose
To achieve a stylish and beautiful glass tile design, it is a good idea to carefully consider the colors of your tile. For example, glass tile in neutral shades of brown and green can provide your bathroom with a sense of earthy serenity. To liven up a bathroom space, you can install glass tile that provides a pop of color.

Create a Mosaic
A tile mosaic is another great design feature to consider when you are planning your glass tile installation. You can choose to create a mosaic that is an abstract design, or that depicts and image or scene. With a wide range of glass tile colors and shapes to choose from, you will be able to create a distinctive mosaic in your bathroom.

For more information about the glass tile products that are available to you, be sure to contact Tile Fantastic by calling (408) 371-6247. We are thrilled to provide our customers in San Jose with an extensive selection of quality tile, and our team looks forward to assisting you with your upcoming project.

Using Slate in an Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit can make a great feature for any backyard. With a new slate fire pit, you will create a central gathering place for your family and guests. To create an outdoor fire pit, you can start by laying a circle out of concrete. Once the concrete base is in place, the sides can be built up using slate tile. For a closer look at how to use slate in an outdoor fire pit, check out this video from HGTV.

When you are planning a porcelain tile installation, be sure to contact Tile Fantastic. Our tile store in San Jose offers an extensive inventory of products, including tile flooring porcelain tile, and more. To hear more about the tile in our showroom, call us at (408) 371-6247.

Benefits of Slate Backsplashes

Slate Backsplash Tile Fantastic San JoseWhen you are shopping for backsplash tile in San Jose, you may want to consider installing a slate backsplash. Slate tile is a terrific choice for use in your backsplash design. There are many benefits that slate has to offer in your kitchen. Since slate is available in a wide variety of colors and textures, you will be able to choose a product that matches perfectly with the style and personality of your kitchen design. From classic to contemporary, slate can be styled to match any type of kitchen. Along with its versatile style, slate is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

For assistance with your backsplash design, be sure to get in touch with Tile Fantastic of San Jose. The friendly service staff at our tile store will be thrilled to tell you more about our products, including travertine, limestone, and slate. When you visit our tile store, you will be sure to find the perfect tile for your kitchen.

Designing a Modern Kitchen Backsplash

To transform your kitchen from dated and drab to modern and bright, install a colorful, modern backsplash. With a range of materials from which to select, including everything from classic marble to tile that looks like wood, today's San Jose homeowner can create a unique backsplash design tailored to his or her personality. Learn more about contemporary trends below.

Porcelain Tile
This fine, smooth ceramic is the most classic choice for a kitchen backsplash . Classic, however, does not have to be boring. If you select small porcelain squares in several different colors and tile your backsplash with a random pattern, you can create a very modern, very abstract look with this timeless material.

Glass Tile Glass Tile Backsplash in San Jose
Glass is much more versatile than porcelain. To bring your design into the 21st century, choose polished glass tiles in jewel tones such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald to create a bold, bright statement in the heart of your kitchen. For a more subdued look, rough-edged glass tiles in earth tones with a coarser finish, can bring an updated rustic aesthetic to your home.

Tumbled Stone Tile
Tumbled stone tiles can be made from limestone, marble, or travertine. While they are often used to create an Old World look, these tiles can also be used in modern kitchens. Use only one type of tumbled stone and choose a simpler pattern instead of an elaborate mosaic, and you can create subtle hints of a Provençal or Sicilian country kitchen that won't clash with the rest of a contemporary Northern California home.

Ceramic Wall Tile
While you may think of patterned ceramic wall tiles as a 1950s look or a regional Southwestern look, you can incorporate them into a modern kitchen as well. If you install sleek stainless appliances, you can offset that with a more subdued pattern, or incorporate the ceramics into a design with other types of tile for a truly eclectic, modern look.

Bring your backsplash ideas with you when you visit Tile Fantastic, and we can help you select the perfect pattern for your kitchen. To schedule a consultation, call us today at (408) 371-6247.

Deciding Whether Marble Tile Is Right for You

Marble is always a classic choice for tile flooring or backsplash in your bathroom, kitchen, or entryway. Whether your San Jose home has a sleek, modern aesthetic or rustic Old World charm, you can incorporate this gorgeous stone into your design or remodel. Marble Tile in San Jose

To determine whether marble tile is right for you, consider the following: Do you want natural stone with a high gloss finish for your bathroom tiles? If you do, marble is a great choice. If not, consider limestone, travertine, or slate. Do you want neutral tones for your tile counters? Choose marble, which will look luxurious but subdued. Do you want more color in your overall design? Consider polished glass tiles instead of marble. Do you want a completely uniform look for your kitchen backsplash? Choose subway tiles, since marble will have natural striations that can be hard to match tile-to-tile.

If you decide that this luxurious natural stone material is right for your project, and if you would like help selecting beautiful marble tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, call Tile Fantastic today at (408) 371-6247.

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