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A Look at Porcelanosa Tiles

glass tile san josePorcelain tile is a durable and beautiful option when you are choosing new bathroom or kitchen tile. When you are shopping for the best porcelain tile for your space, you may want to explore porcelanosa tile in Mountain View. Porcelanosa tile is a quality tile product that was originally developed in the Mediterranean. Whether you choose porcelanosa products for your kitchen or bathroom tile, you are sure to be satisfied with your installation. Here is a closer look at what porcelanosa tiles have to offer you.

Tile Products

When you are shopping for porcelanosa tiles, you will have a wide array of products to choose from. Some of the most popular materials in the porcelanosa product range include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and glass tile. When you are planning your porcelanosa installation, you can also choose products that can be arranged in beautiful patterns and mosaics.

Kitchen Products

Porcelanosa tile can be used to provide an elegant and distinctly European touch to any kitchen space. Your porcelanosa kitchen tile installation can be fully customized to your brand new kitchen design. Since porcelanosa products have been built to last, you can rest assured that your tile installation will provide you with many years of durability and beauty.

Bath Products

A bathroom remodel is a smart choice for any homeowner. When you are planning on updating your bathroom, you may want to explore the many options that are available in the porcelanosa product range. From beautiful bathroom accessories to quality tile backsplashes, porcelanosa products can transform your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams.

To learn more about all of the products that are available from porcelanosa tile, be sure to contact Tile Fantastic. We are proud to provide our customers throughout Mountain View with an extensive inventory of designer tile options, and we will work with you to help you choose the best tile product for your needs. Call us at (408) 371-6247 to hear more about our current inventory.

A Brief History of Subway Tile

If you are seeking a sleek and sophisticated alternative to porcelain tile in your kitchen or bathroom, you may want to consider installing new subway tile in Palo Alto. Subway tile has gone from the iconic transit stations of New York to become a feature in residences across the country. A company specializing in kitchen tile can provide you with more information about this versatile material. Let’s take a quick look back at the history of subway tile.

The Origins of Subway Tile subway tile san jose
Subway tile can trace its roots back to the early 20 th century, when New York City was installing its first subway stations. The earliest instance of subway tile can be dated back to 1904. The designers of the New York subway system chose this type of tiling due to its fantastic durability, ease of maintenance, and overall beauty.

Subway Tile Across the Decades
If you were to visit New York City, you would notice that many of the subway stations around the city still feature their original subway tile. The original tiling remains because it is an incredibly long-lasting tile material. In addition, the classic good looks of subway tile have allowed this material to remain fashionable throughout every decade.

Subway Tile Today
Today, the use of subway tile is not confined to transit spaces. Many homeowners are choosing subway tile for their home improvement projects. Your subway tile can be arranged in unique patterns along your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. With new subway tile, you will make a stylish statement in your home.

When you are preparing for a new tile installation, do not hesitate to contact Tile Fantastic. Our tile company provides the San Jose and Palo Alto area with a fantastic inventory of new tile products, including glass tile and tile that looks like wood. To hear more about the terrific tile options that we have to offer you, be sure to give us a call at (408) 371-6247.

Maintaining a Ceramic Tile Shower

Ceramic tiles can be a beautiful component of your shower. However, with daily usage, your tiles and grout lines can become coated in soap scum, mineral buildup, and mildew. Make it a habit to routinely clean your shower’s ceramic or porcelain tiles. You should strive to wipe them down at least once a week using an appropriate shower-cleaning solution. Watch this video to learn more about how to maintain your ceramic tile shower.

Tile Fantastic is your premiere tile store in San Jose. We carry the finest selection of bathroom tiles that are manufactured with environmental consciousness in mind. Call us today at (408) 371-6247 to speak with a member of our talented design team.

The Benefits of Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops san joseWhen you are shopping for brand new countertops for your kitchen, you may want to consider quartz as your countertop material. Like marble or travertine, quartz is a highly functional and attractive addition to any kitchen space. There are many advantages to choosing quartz for your countertop installation. Since quartz is a manufactured product, you can choose a countertop that has a color and pattern that is specifically suited for your kitchen space. In addition, quartz is completely non-porous, which means that your new quartz counters will be highly resistant to stains, scratches, and spills. A company offering kitchen tile near San Jose can provide you with more information about quartz.

To learn more about all of the great backsplash and kitchen tile options that are available for your home, call Tile Fantastic at (408) 371-6247. Our sales team will be thrilled to answer your questions about our quartz products, and we will help you select the gorgeous new countertops of your dreams.

Cleaning Bathroom Wall Tiles

Ceramic tile is a wonderful addition to any bathroom space. When you are shopping for ceramic tile near San Jose, it is important to maintain your installation with the utmost care. To clean your bathroom tiles, you can use a solution of water and white vinegar. By using a cleaning solution, you can easily scrub your tiles clean. For a closer look at how to clean bathroom tile, check out this video from essortment.

When you are shopping for new glass or porcelain tile, be sure to make a trip to Tile Fantastic of Palo Alto. Our tile showroom offers a fantastic porcelain tile inventory, and we also carry a great selection of luxurious marble and limestone products. Give us a call at (408) 371-6247 to hear more about all of the fantastic products that we have to offer you.

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