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Tips for Selecting Ceramic Tile

When you are shopping for tile flooring in Palo Alto, it is important to consider both size and durability. Ceramic tile is a versatile and durable choice for your flooring. When you purchase ceramic tile from the tile store, you will have many different colors and sizes to choose from. Along with being an excellent choice for flooring, ceramic tile can also be used as backsplash tile or bathroom tile. For a closer look at tips for selecting bathroom tile, check out this video from expertvillage.

When you are shopping for marble, porcelain, or travertine tile, be sure to come to Tile Fantastic. Our tile showroom offers a fantastic inventory of new tile products, and we will help you create your tile project. Call our Palo Alto location at (408) 371-6247 to learn more about the benefits of shopping with us.

Porcelain Tile Maintenance 101

contemporary porcelain tile san joseWhen you install porcelain tile serving San Jose, your new porcelain surface will provide you with great durability and beauty. To keep your porcelain tile looking great, there are several maintenance tips that you should keep in mind. If you are using porcelain floor tiles, it is essential to sweep or vacuum the surface of your tile regularly. Along with eliminating dirt and debris by sweeping, you can keep your porcelain tile flooring looking great by cleaning its surface with a mixture of white vinegar and water. White vinegar is a gentle cleaning solution that will not affect the surface of your tile.

For more tile maintenance information, do not hesitate to contact Tile Fantastic by calling (408) 371-6247. When you purchase tile flooring from our showroom in San Jose, we will be happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to assisting you with your upcoming tile project.

Keeping Your Marble Tile Looking Great

Marble tile San Jose

When you install marble in San Jose, your new marble tiles will provide your home with elegance and sophistication. Marble tile is an incredibly durable and attractive choice for your backsplash or kitchen tile. In order to keep your marble looking brand new, you will need to perform specific cleaning and maintenance procedures. With the right cleaning techniques, your marble will last for many generations. Read on for a look at some essential tips for cleaning your marble tile.

Remove Dust and Debris
To keep your marble tile looking great, it is important to remove dust and debris on a daily basis. By carefully dusting off your marble, you can prevent dirt and other forms of buildup from damaging the surface of your marble. When you are dusting off your marble, it is a great idea to use a clean and dry cloth that is made out of soft microfibers.

Wash With a Neutral Cleaner
When you wash your marble tile, it is highly important to use a cleaning solution with a neutral pH. If your cleaner is too acidic or basic, you could run the risk of causing damage to the surface finish of the marble. A cleaning product that is designed specifically for natural stone will be a good choice for your marble.

Dry Completely After Cleaning
If you allow your marble tile to air dry, you may find that water spots appear on the surface of your tile. To eliminate water spots, you can dry your marble with a soft cloth after you apply your cleaner.

For more maintenance tips for marble, be sure to get in touch with Tile Fantastic. Our tile showroom in San Jose carries a terrific selection of luxurious marble tiles that will be the perfect fit for your home. If you have more questions about the types of tiles that we carry, give our conveniently located showroom a call at (408) 371-6247.

Designing a Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Tile is a great way to make a stunning impression in your kitchen design. Whether you choose porcelain tile, glass tile, or subway tile, you will have many materials and styles at your disposal when you visit the tile store in San Jose. One great way to incorporate tile into your kitchen design is to create a mosaic tile backsplash. Here is an overview of the steps of designing a mosaic tile backsplash for your kitchen.

Determine the Size of Your Project mosaic tile backsplash san jose
When you are creating a mosaic tile backsplash, your first step will be to determine the size of your project. For example, you can choose to create a mosaic that covers the entire wall, or a small design that measures a few inches above your countertop surface. Once you have decided how large you would like your mosaic backsplash to be, you will have a better idea of how much tile you will need from the tile store.

Consider Tile Materials
After you have mapped out the size of your mosaic, you will be ready to consider the different types of tile materials that are available to you. With dozens of tiles to choose from, the sky is the limit when you select your mosaic tiles. For a unique twist on your design, you may want to incorporate two or more tile types.

Choose a Color and Theme
The final step of designing a mosaic tile backsplash is to consider the color and theme of your design. For a contemporary look, you may want to create a mosaic out of tile in shades of black and white. Colorful tile can provide a cheery and cozy atmosphere for your kitchen.

When you are shopping for tile in San Jose, be sure to pay a visit to Tile Fantastic. Our tile store carries a terrific inventory of tile products, and our team will help you create the perfect design for your kitchen. To learn more about our great tile services, call us today at (408) 371-6247.

Using Glass Tiles in the Bathroom

If you are planning an upcoming bathroom renovation, you may want to consider incorporating glass tile in San Jose into your new bathroom design. Bathroom tile is extremely durable and easy to clean, and will also provide a unique look to your space. In addition, translucent glass tile can also be used to add light and spaciousness to your bathroom. To provide you with some great bathroom tile ideas, here is a look at using glass tile in the bathroom.

Mix and Match
When you are planning a glass tile design for your bathroom, you may want to consider mixing and matching different colors, sizes, and styles. For example, you can use glass tile in three different colors to provide your bathroom space with a unique look. Mixing and matching is also a great way to create a unique sense of flair in your updated bathroom.

Consider Colors Glass Tile in San Jose
To achieve a stylish and beautiful glass tile design, it is a good idea to carefully consider the colors of your tile. For example, glass tile in neutral shades of brown and green can provide your bathroom with a sense of earthy serenity. To liven up a bathroom space, you can install glass tile that provides a pop of color.

Create a Mosaic
A tile mosaic is another great design feature to consider when you are planning your glass tile installation. You can choose to create a mosaic that is an abstract design, or that depicts and image or scene. With a wide range of glass tile colors and shapes to choose from, you will be able to create a distinctive mosaic in your bathroom.

For more information about the glass tile products that are available to you, be sure to contact Tile Fantastic by calling (408) 371-6247. We are thrilled to provide our customers in San Jose with an extensive selection of quality tile, and our team looks forward to assisting you with your upcoming project.

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