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    Decorating a Room with Quarry Tile Floors

    Last updated 2 days 15 hours ago

    If you need tile that is sturdier than ceramic, think quarry tile. Quarry tile is made of red clay and is thicker than ceramic tiles, making it a great substitute for high-traffic areas. Thanks to its durability and terra cotta appearance, quarry tile is often selected for outdoor use. However, it can also make an impact on your interior décor. Here’s a look at how you can incorporate quarry tiles into your indoor flooring. 

    Choose the Right Room
    Quarry tiles are durable, but they are also less formal than other flooring options, so choose the right room for decorating with them. It is an ideal choice for creating a dramatic entryway and is also good for the kitchen, where you need sturdy tiles because of the foot traffic and likelihood of spills. Quarry tile can also work in bathrooms, but be sure it is sealed properly before using the room. When unsealed, quarry tile is very porous and can be damaged by the moisture in bathrooms.

    Consider Your Décor Style
    Quarry tile has a very distinctive look. Its red-brown hue makes it ideal for rooms decorated in Spanish-influenced décor styles, including American Southwestern and Mexican décor. It works well with earth-tone furniture as well as turquoise, silver, yellow, and red accents.  If you’re designing a modern room or one in a traditional Victorian or English or French Country style, another kind of tile may be a better fit.

    Care for Your Tiles
    You can preserve the rich beauty of your quarry tiles indefinitely with a little extra care. Seal the tiles as directed by the manufacturer and follow any recommended re-sealing schedule closely. Use a canister or handheld vacuum regularly to clean dirt and debris, and mop the tile with an enzyme-based cleaner free of harsh chemicals.

    From warm quarry tiles to cool ceramics, Tile Fantastic has the tiles you need for your home décor project. With our huge selection of natural stone tiles, glass, and more, you’re sure to find what you need. Talk to one of our tile experts in San Jose today by calling (888) 864-6319. 

    Reasons to Choose Granite Tile

    Last updated 12 days ago

    If you’re looking for an affordable way to incorporate granite into your home design, consider granite tile. Tile pieces are less expensive than slabs and can easily be used for countertops with the right kind of grout to cover the seams.

    Watch this video to see how one couple overhauled a drab basement by adding granite tile countertops. The affordable tiles are easy to lay and add a classic, upscale finishing touch to their room. In addition to looking great, granite tile is durable and easy to maintain.

    Let the design experts at Tile Fantastic help you select the right kind of granite tile for your home improvement project. In addition to granite, we offer a huge selection of metal, glass, stone, and porcelain tiles. To learn more, call our San Jose showroom at (888) 864-6319. 

    Spotlight on Metal Tiles

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Metal tiles have only recently started to be used in interior design, but their popularity is rising quickly. These unique tiles come in a range of finishes, with natural pewter and nickel looks being most popular. Metal tiles can play a variety of roles in your design project and make great finishing touches to bring your look together.

    Many metal tiles have relief or raised patterns, which make them ideal for incorporating into settings of other tiles as accents. They are great for kitchen backsplashes, especially in kitchens with metal appliances, and also well suited for bathroom wall accent tiles. Some styles of metal tiles work well as floor inlays, particularly those without raised patterns that could make the floor feel uneven underfoot.

    Learn more about metal tiles by visiting the San Jose showroom at Tile Fantastic. Let us help you select tiles for your home, including ceramic, glass, and of course, metal. To learn more about our selection, call (888) 864-6319. 

    An Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Tile

    Last updated 29 days ago

    Tile is always a beautiful choice, but it’s important to select the right kind of tile suited for its intended location and application. Some of the factors to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect tiles include how the tile will be used and how much special attention you want to pay to maintenance and cleaning. As you sort through your tile options, keep these tips in mind. 

    Factor in Foot Traffic
    If you’re buying floor tiles, then foot traffic is one of your most important considerations. Porcelain ceramic tiles are rated according the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute). Ratings range from one to five, with one being unsuitable for any foot traffic and five being strong enough for extra heavy foot traffic, such as in a commercial space. Non-porcelain ceramic tiles are also often assigned a PEI number. Typically, these tiles never rate higher than three, so they are only suitable for light foot traffic. In terms of stone tiles, slate and granite are popular flooring choices. Marble can be used in light foot traffic areas.

    Consider Cleaning and Maintenance
    Many types of tiles require some degree of special cleaning and maintenance. Ceramic tiles that are sealed must be stripped, resealed, and waxed every few years. With natural stone, it’s sometimes necessary to use special cleaning products to avoid destroying the surface. You may also periodically need to have scratches repaired on natural stone tiles. If you’d rather avoid special care needs, choose a low-maintenance tile, like porcelain.

    Pick Porous Tiles Carefully
    Porous tiles allow stains to soak in easily, so they’re not ideal for every space. Avoid using travertine and limestone for kitchen countertops, as spills of colored liquids will easily soak through the surfaces. Slate, granite, and ceramics rated PEI 3 or greater are suitable, less porous choices.

    Let the experts at Tile Fantastic in San Jose help your pick the perfect tile for your space. With our enormous selection, we’re sure to have the right tile for you. To find out more, call (888) 864-6319. 

    Reasons to Install Glass Tile in Your Home

    Last updated 1 month ago

    If you want to make a real design statement in your home, choose glass tiles. Glass tiles have steadily increased in popularity in recent years as homeowners are thinking of more and more creative ways to put them to use. Glass tiles are highly adaptable and fit in with an array of interior design styles, from classic to contemporary.

    Because glass tiles are translucent, they create a look you can’t get with other types of tiles. They come in a huge range of colors so they are easy to work into your décor. Glass tiles can be used to create an accent piece or mosaic, as inlays for other types of tiles, or to build an entire wall. Glass tiles are frost-proof, so they are also ideal for outdoor use.

    How can you use glass tiles in your home décor? Tile Fantastic’s experts will help you explore all of your options, from glass to natural stone tiles. Find out more about our selection by calling our San Jose tile showroom at (888) 864-6319. 

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